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Geleenstraat 68 B
6411 HT Heerlen
The Netherlands
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< ASKV - Amsterdam Refugee Solidarity Committee >
25 jaar steun aan vluchtelingen

Binnen-Over mensen die aanklopten bij het ASKV / Steunpunt vluchtelingen

Designer :

Annette Kouwenhoven





There is a little part of text printed

on the spine of each section
All sections together are making

the complete text on the spin

Photographers are:

Koos Breukel

Krista van der Niet

Ben Krewinkel

Daniel Koning

Liesbet Sluiter

Sander Troelstra

Bas Baltus



ASKV supports and guides rejected refugees who can not return to their country of origin


213 mm x 276 mm portrait
French folded dust jacket

Munken Pure rough 100 gm2
Printed: 4/4 cmyk

Hardcover with cloth
Printed: black foil block onto front cover and spine

128 pages onto Munken Pure rough 120 gm2
Printed: 4/4 cmyk

Swiss bound, open spine with hardcover
30 images supplied as digital files, converted from RGB to CMYK

colour and image corrections
One set of digital colour proofs
1  wetproof onto Munken Pure rough 120 gm2
Printed: 4/0 cmyk