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< The Souls >
Damien Hirst


Jason Beard

4 Cards on Strathmore writing Wove soft white are inserted between different sections in the Book

All cards are foilblock, each little square is printed individually

There are 30 different colours printed in foilblock on a Heidelberg Letterpress


On the special editions we printed 2 extra pages on Insert Sirio Nero 350 g/m2

Foilblocked in 3 different colours

The Butterfly on the cover and on the 2 extra pages Sirio Nero has a special 3 colour separation

made in repro to print 3 colours of foilblock on top of each other



15,5 cm x 25,5 cm, 336 pages


Hardcover, Cloth Finesse white

Printed: 4 colours foilblock, black, silver, gold and brown

Endpapers: 2 x 4 page on Sirio Pearl Aurum gold 125 g/m2


328 pages Profibulk 1.1 white 150 g/m2, printed 4/4 cmyk

4 x 2 pages Strathmore writing Wove soft white 298 g/m2

Printed: one side with 30 different foilblock colours


Hardcover: thread sewn, 2,5 mm boards, Head and tail bands, square spine


350 images supplied as digital files

image corrections, colour corrections and image retouches

One run on digital colour proofs and one wet proof