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< The Moderns: The arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s >

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Designer: Peter Maybury

"THIS IS A HUGE BOOK. It weighs three kilos, looks beautiful and offers a rich pictorial history of modernist painting, sculpture, architecture, photography... The quality and number of illustrations are such that this book will long serve as a vital resource on informing us about the range of artistic activity during the period... " Fintan Cullen, The Irish Times, 23 July 2011

After printing all CMYK pages and the 3 spot colours we needed to print 3 different varnishes, matt, gloss and silk in various combinations. This was a great experiment that resulted in beautiful combinations of different spot colours and varnishes. During the printing of the varnishes we had to be very careful to avoid ghosting effect on the sheets. We will explain this in our technical website pages.

More images to follow...


24,0 cm x 30,0 cm portrait, 596 pages

Dust jacket :

8 pg. onto Splendorlux 135 g/m2, printed 5/0 CMYK
+ 1 PMS


Iris grey cloth cover with deboss on front


2 x 4 pg. onto Splendorlux 135 g/m2, 4/4 CMYK


8 pages onto Revive Naturel 150 g/m2, 4/4 CMYK, 568 pages onto Hello Fat Matt White 135 g/m2,
7/7 = CMYK + 3 spot colours, 1 matt varnish, 1 gloss varnish and 1 all-over varnish, 20 pages onto Revive Naturel 150 g/m2, 4/4 CMYK


Hardcover, head & tail bands, round spine,
2 mm board


700 images, supplied digitally (some transparencies), image/colour corrections, digital proofs

The Moderns: The arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s