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Richard Phillips

White Cube

Designer: Shadrach Lindo and Maryellen McGoldrick.

Art direction: Kyra Griffin

The books was printed with 10 different covers, with 100 unique copies of each. On each cover there is a celebrity:

Chase Crawford, Zac Efron, Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Timberlake, Robbert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.


26,2 cm x 31,4 cm portrait, 72 pages


Hardcover, Wibalin Buckram White 120 g/m2, printed 4/0 CMYK


2 x 4 pages onto Profibulk 1.3 / 150 g/m2, printed 1/0 mixed silver


48 pages onto Profibulk 1,3 / 150 g/m2, printed 5/5 CMYK + mixed silver, 24 pages onto Job Parilux White 170 g/m2


Hardcover, thread sewn, square spine, 2,5 mm boards, black head and tail bands, square spine, foilbock on spine and front cover


Images supplied as digital files, image and colour corrections, and image retouching.

Richard Phillips Most Wanted