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< Medici in Cucina >
Roelf Holtrop & Hans Morren

Menarini Pharma The Netherlands

Designer: Hans Morren

Dutch photographer Hans Morren made the images and designed all 7 books in the series. 

This is the seventh cookbook in a series about food and health. Menarini Pharma is an Italian company and here they celebrate the good things from the mediterranean kitchen and their relationship with their clients. These books have quickly became collectors all over Europe. With each book we added some technical speciality; on this volume using Schweizer brochure binding. We printed a red foil block on the cover, and then embossed it from behind in a separate run to make an extra deep relief.



24 cm x 24 cm, 208 pages


8 page cover on to Fedrigoni Freelife Merida Graphite 350 g/m2, printed 1/0 Black, 1 foil block and 1 emboss on the red foil


208 pages printed on to Tatami white 170 g/m2, printed 4/4 CMYK


Schweizer brochure, cover with 2 flaps and green Brillianta cloth on the spine


Images supplied digitally, image/colour corrections and image retouching. Digital proofs, 1 wet proof printed CMYK onto Tatami white 170 g/m2